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Este blog intenta tener cubiertos al menos dos sentidos del hipotético visitante: la vista y el oído. La vista resulta evidente y el oído se consigue haciendo clic en el título de cada entrada.
Espero que lo disfrutéis.

jueves, 14 de agosto de 2008


This sonic landscape,
This comforting tone...
I know I've been here before,
Every time I close my eyes
I'm back.
I need to fell
The pulse of Earth
Beneath me.

We cross their boundaries
And we dare to dream:
To live amongst the sounds
That our arms hold so dear... so dear...

Strike those strings,
Let the waves run loose
Through this endless field.
Wherever the air can reach
Our wish will closely follow,
And I know someday I'll stop
Waking up.

This sonic landscape,
This vibrating sea...
I knew I'd be here once more;
No words can take me back,
I'm sure.
Only the song
Flowing out of your eyes
Can free me.

© Elfonía

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